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Eat (Ninohe Region)


Hittsumi is a traditional food in Iwate and Aomori. It is made out of wheat flower and water, ripped into smaller pieces, and cooked in a broth.
It is a common regional cuisine in Nambu Domain.

Hecchoko dango

The northern part of Iwate is under a severe meteorological condition. So, people turned cereals to good account and this local dish was born.
There is a hollow in a ball-shaped dumpling and it looks like a navel. The name “hecchoko” came from this nave-like hollow.

Nambu Senbei (Nambu Rice Cracker)

Over 600 years ago, Emperor Chokei (reign from 1370 through 1383) visited Mutsu Province and people made rice cracker made of buckwheat flower and sesame seeds for him. This rice cracker is said to be the first Nambu Senbei.